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$$$ Spoiled Princess Wants Your Money Loser $$$

$$$ Spoiled Princess Wants Your Money Loser $$$

Hey losers!! I am a spoiled brat who deserves everything you have. I don't need your money, yet you sure don't deserve it. You are a pathetic loser who deserves to work hard for me. Once you here my sweet and tempting voice, you will not be able to resist any thing I ask or want no matter how bad it is. All the time I will be laughing at you while I reach in your pocket and take all your money. If you don't have it then for all I care you can sell your house, car, or even do lower things to make money for me. I am a beautiful princess who wants to make you go bankrupt so I can laugh my ass off.

Pathetic men don't even deserve a lunch to take to work. You will be begging and pleading to get away from me, but in my world there is no way out, but to do what I want. You ask nothing unless it's how you can please me. I may let me good pets pay in my paid mail to see my pictures, but first you must prove you are worthy. I will be updating this, but I wanted to get started so I can start shopping on your money..hahaha...So you can either set up an appointment to talk live to me if you think you can handle my demands, or you can pay to hear my prerecorded message to see if you can handle it. I may just make you pay double some time just because your a loser and don't deserve to hear me. Once you are owned by me, your money is mine, your life and what you can do is up to me, and you will only live and exist to please me. When you hear my voice get on your knees, and also call me Angel.

You are scum to me so don't even try and think I would ever think any higher of you. I just want to laugh as I go shopping, go out with my friends, or even add to my bank account by reaching in to your wallet.

HaHaHa....Let the fun begin.