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So Sweet College Girl wants to be MEAN to YOU!

I'm usually such a sweet girl.

I'm nice to guys, even nerdy ones.  Even pathetic loser guys like yourself.  But you know, lately, I'm really tired of it!  I'm sick of being kind to short dicked guys and scum.  And I'm going to take it all out on you!

If you have a cuckold short dick, are really stupid, are a pathetic loser or just like to be humiliated and put in your lowly place then call me!  What are you waiting for slimeball!?!

You'll call me up and think of me as a Goddess and I'll just laugh because you are so stupid.  I'm really just a nice 19 year old girl, but I'll laugh my ass off at you.  If you are really stupid I'll tell my friends about you.  They like a good laugh at a pathetic guy's expense too - at your expense.

I now know many ways to put you under my spell, I'm now doing work with hypnosis to mesmerize you further and totally make you mine.

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Totally Nude!

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Nude & Spread!

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Lick my Spread Ass!

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Gloves & Heels!

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Teasing Slut!
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