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BeautifulSexGoddess - worship Me - Body & Mind!

Beautiful Sex Goddess!
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When you call you are asking to be a part of My world for a time. I expect you to be prepared in every way to please and serve me. I expect you to have your toys and your body ready for my use. Touching without permission is not allowed. Begging is encouraged, and I will even teach you how i expect you to beg. I expect your focus to be on me, not yourself. If you want to cum you had better make me cum first...then grovel.


Hello everyone! I am Friday dv8, matriarch of House dv8, founder of dv8Nation and inheritor of dv8Films.
We are a polyamorous BDSM family the extends across the nation and beyond. I am an international sex educator, vendor, performer, and professional pretty person in many capacities.

Those with a desire to be in My service usually address Me as Goddess.

Visit my NiteFlirt Homepage for more about My life and My Favorite types of calls.

It is likely that you have never met a creature living as sexual and sensual a life as me.
We live 24/7 as a BDSM family. .
I have all the Dungeon Toys a phone slut could possibly wish for and if i don't you may feel free to purchase it for me.

Serving House dv8 is an honor, even if just over the phone or CAM. We are living a unique and intense life. I want you to be ready so you can give me your best, and that means knowing what you are getting into. Although I am Dominant to most (including you), I am a lifestyle slave and very much enjoy a cuckold who can be in complete service to me while I am in service to an alpha male or female using us both. I am also bi-sexual, a masochist, a sadist, a hedonist, an exhibitionist, a voyeur and much more. Sex is my passion and I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of better sex for all of us.

I have designed my life to keep me and those around me constantly aroused, which naturally results in new ways of putting you to use for My pleasure and amusement.

In other words, BE READY, because I promise you, I am.

This is your opportunity to personally care for a beautiful, young, powerful girl that is an expert in kink on either side of the power exchange. What could possibly be better?

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Beautiful REAL-LIFE SEX GODDESS! Hi-Res DV CAM!! - 2.99

BeautifulSexGoddess - worship Me - Body & Mind! - 1.99

Dominant Bi-Sexual COUPLE use Fluffers-Cleaners! - 3.99

Goddess and Sir use fluffers and cleaners! - 2.99

Couple! Goddess & subby Tgirl! HRDV CAM - 4.99

Couple! Goddess & subby Tgirl - 2.99

Recordings! Always available!

Female Dominating female session details - 2.00

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Strong Goddess Energy? Listen & Learn to please - 1.50

Dungeon Toys and Equipment - 1.00