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Pay up Piggie! I dont care about you - your needs or how much this is going to hurt you! I am focused on Me as you should be as well. Understand this - I am living my life - you are simply a wanker on the wall@!

Pay up Fag!Spoil me you little tiny dick jacking cum faggie. I need more than your semen sacrifice can provide. Dress in drag and be my new bitch but dont call if you cant spend spend spend on ME ME ME . I will jack your imagination to the point of no control then wipe up every little last dollar. Its so fantastically delicious taking everything from you.
I am seriously a Bratty Spoiled little C*nt. Cute little body, sweet little voice adorable in all the right ways.
What I want is your wallet .. which better be so much bigger than your lousy skintag between your fat ugly legs! Awww (weep) you hate it when hot cute girls make fun of you dont you? But you cant look away, you graze my ass with your eyes. You love the little skirts and heels I wear. The tight tops hugging to my hot little titties.

Love Me because you cant think of any other way you want to ruin yourself. So I am beautiful and you want to waste your money on me. What the fuck are you still sitting here staring at? Are you My little fun money monkey or not?

This is a financial line not some dick jacking roleplay. In all other areas of my life men pay and pay extremely well for even the slightest portion of my attention
By calling me on this listing you have to adhere to the following:
  • *You agree that your personal finances are now my playground.
  • *You agree to obey my EVERY command, no matter how degrading you might think. If you don't obey what I instruct, you will be ignored.
  • The following are simple rules:
    *You agree to spoil ME.
    *You agree not to waste MY PRECIOUS time.
    *A tribute is required to be considered for any of MY personal attention or consideration.

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