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$LEGALLY BONDED TO PRINCESS All money is hers now



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Below is just a sample contract (not the one I send to slaves). Oh & there are some honorable mentions in this recording.
Name: slave x

financial servant & property of PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT; in the following contract named "slave x"

Name: PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT aka CUTEHOTBRAT, spoiled perfection

OWNER of financial servant, slave x & all moeny earned by him; in the following contract named "PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT"


Tuesday, November 11th, 2003 until Saturday, November 14th, 2004; slave x has no right to make any changes to this contract.

This contract states PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT's rules for slave x which he has to strictly & with strongest efforts to fulfill. slave x is absolutely under obligation, without any failure or excuse, bonded to the rules of PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT'S contract. This contract is 100% real & binding.

The payments must be made by slave x on a weekly basis & starting with a minimum of US$50.00 due on Saturday, November 15th, 2003, & US$50.00 due each Saturday until November 14th, 2004. PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT must receive HER money via Keen every Saturday by 11am Eastern Time.

The money must be paid to PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT from slave x either by Keen Pay-To-View email or by calling HER Keen recording entitled "$LEGALLY BONDED TO PRINCESS All money is hers now".

For each 24 hour payment delay, slave x must pay PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT a fine of US$20.00, in addition to his weekly payment. If slave x is more than 10 days late, he may be released from his contract & is subject to pay a release fee of US$1000.00 plus all fees owed before release. For instance, if slave x does not pay his weekly fee for 10 days & is released, he will owe US$300.00 + US$1000.00 for early release from the contract.

Furthermore, slave x is obliged to increase the weekly amounts by at least US$10.00 every month. His goal is to reach payments of US$100.00 per week within 6 months. *If slave x reaches this goal, there is a good chance, PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT will be pleasant or at least peaceable upon his 6 month evaluation.

PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT also has the right to control the complete pitiful finances & everything else in the insignificant life of slave x. slave x has absolutely no right to keep additional money for himself at all, such as gifts of his relatives, additional jobs, etc. All money received from any sources should be reported to PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT. To be sure he is giving all that he has SHE may demand real proof, such as statements, scans of bills, & check stubs. If slave x lies to PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT, his fine will be US$100.00 & any fitting punishment that SHE deems necessary or funny.

If PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT so chooses, SHE can command slave x to live modestly so that SHE can live frivolously & without worry or concern. IE: If PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT commands slave x to move to a craphole apartment so that SHE can have more money, then he will begin making arrangements to do so.

In his life as a financial servant for PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT, slave x must learn to manage with a modest allowance to be determined by HER at a later date. he will receive a weekly allowance, because PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT is so gracious. Every penny slave x can save, is more money for PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT to enjoy FRIVOLOUSLY.

slave x understands that from this day forth, all of his money, what he earns with his meaningless jobs & all other income without exception belongs to the PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT, & that it is only with HER permission that he is allowed to spend any of HER money. slave x must work hard, work overtime & work a second job to pay PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT more & more money. It does not matter how much slave x earns, it belongs completely to PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT. slave x as a financial servant & piece of property belonging to PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT has no other rights than the right to pay large amounts of money to PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT because he is nothing but an absolute pathetic, loser, source of amusement, financial slave & piece of property for PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT.

When PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT gives commands to HER property, it has to obey without excuse. PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT has the full right to know what slave x is doing at all times. PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT can call slave x at any time or for whatever reason SHE desires. slave x has to be always available for his OWNER. Should he not be available, he must return HER call within 1 hour or suffer a STEEP fine to be determined by the PERFECT PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT at a later date.

PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT can use slave x for HER & other people's amusement. IE: SHE can demand that slave x take special, humiliating, degrading and/or ridiculous photos of himself & send them to HER, so that SHE can post them on HER website or where ever SHE may desire. PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT may do this as punishment & sometimes just for a giggle. SHE alone has the full right to all photos of slave x & slave x agrees fully upon signing this contract.

PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT, Saturday, November 15th, 2003 signed by ( slave x )

*Upon release from servitude, slave x must pay a fine of US$1000.00 + all fees owed prior to release up to US$300.00. If he fails to pay this fine, PRINCESS CUTEHOTBRAT will seek damages in small claims court.

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