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I have Yahoo and Eyeball Chat. 

 Email me first to ensure that I am really to deal with you.

My ID for both is "formermadam" Remember that if you bother me I block FOREVER. Contact me only for cam shows PERIOD.

Are you looking for a all nude show? GO AWAY. I may however toture you with a peep of my perfect breast or perhaps my ..... Depends on my mood.

A beautiful woman like me has no real use for a sissy-faggot like you. I have absolutely no interest in your pathetic cock, nor you for that matter. It is however your good fortune that I have found a use for you. As my cock sucking WHORE. I am going to line them up and you're going to suck everyone of them for my personal gain. You'll do exactly as I order including licking their big balls and spreading your cheeks.

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You could never be man enough to have me. The closest you'll ever get it a taste of my juices after I've had a real man.


Whores that don't bring me money get put on the back burner. Best to just give.



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