Phone Sex

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Mistress Lilith

Give Me Money and then Go Fuck Yourself.

Make yourself useful, scumbag. Give Me your money.

I prey on men like you. It's survival of the fittest and you are one weak, dumb-ass motherfucker. It's not like the money would be well spent on you. You aren't worth spending money on yourself. It's better spent giving it to Me, so I can buy frivolous shit and flaunt it in your face.

I like wasting your money. I spend $100s, sometimes $1000s a day, buying stuff to show off My control of stupid loser men and their money. I treat My girlfriends to gifts, I bought my dog presents, I drink Dom and sleep in designer silk sheets. Your life will never be so good and that's because you're a pathetic, scum-sucking moron.

Don't email Me and ask Me for favors. The only thing you will get from Me is a payment request for $500. Don't tell Me your financial domination fantasies because I am more financial domination than your salary can handle. Your money is nothing more to Me than something to burn. For that matter, don't call Me until you have adequate funding in your Keen account and ample credit left on your credit card for more.

Pick up the phone and pretend for a brief moment that you can do something useful. Click the call button and give up whatever it is that makes you feel like you can do something right.

Payment requests, pay-per-views with pictures of trash and Keen gift certificates are all going to be part of your financial enslavery so if you can't handle a one way ticket to destitution, you'll get crotch rot you dumb jackass.