Phone Sex

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I have too much fun with you dummies.

You are pitiful morons with the brains of a maggot. You are laughable, inept beasts that need to be broken and retrained for whatever purpose suits me best. You know that right now you are nothing but a cut-rate jackass looking to be controlled by a foul-mouthed Bitch who uses, bruises and abuses you like the skank whore you are.

Get down on your knees, you sad excuse for a human and be prepared to hurt for Me. Want to worship My pussy? I don't think so. The best thing you are getting your disgusting mouth on is my strap-on or the cock of another one of my whored-out, loser, bitch males.

I don't give a shit about you, so don't email ME for pictures, free minutes or any other favor. I grant favors as I see fit and if your ego can't handle that, go find yourself a blow up doll.

My interests include feminization, dildo training, CBT, financial enslavery and humiliating you into a life of total depravity. Yes, I smoke but if you expect Me to light up for you, you better expect Me to put it out on you as well. Men make excellent ashtrays.

No, I don't have a cam. I'm not some circus pony that does tricks for you. If you have special requests, ask some who cares. I sure as hell don't.

I am a lifestyle dominant so if you aren't truly submissive and seeking to serve, don't call me for some pointless bullshit games.

Be respectful. Don't call me with your dick in your hand like a fucking ape. Address Me as I should be addressed - Goddess, Mistress, Princess, Lady Lilith. Don't expect Me to indulge your interests until mine are served. That means that if I feel like snoring in your ear, then you should be grateful I gave you the opportunity.

I will sometimes talk to other submissives on my cell phone while you wait. If you don't like that... cope. I'm not your shrink, I am your Mistress and you will do whatever it is that makes Me happy.

I am available some days, most evenings and by appointment. Should you become desperate to speak to Me overnight, I am usually available but my rates do go up. If you are going to get me out of bed, you are going to PAY for the inconvenience.