Phone Sex

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    I'm Tabitha, but most people call me tease, brat, or Tabi.  I've known for a while that I am submissive at heart.  I love the feeling of submitting yourself to another's desires, fantasies, and whim.  There is nothing like not being able to resist someone inching you towards ultimate pleasure and/or pain.  I love submitting.

    However, I was raised a spoiled little Daddy's Girl and I have a bratty streak a mile long.  I want to give you the reigns, but I need a man who will take the reigns from me not just walk in and pick them up.  Think you can do it?  I hope so.  I've waited too long for my Prince Charming and his strong willed ways. 

I would love to share:

  • Roleplay

  • Mutual Enjoyment

  • Public Displays of Love

  • Bisexuality (Yours or mine!)

  • & ultimate Submission to you


But, you have to call first . . .


I'll try to keep the kitty happy while she waits to be fed. . .

                                                                            Luv u!