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Aren't you tired of the games that men play? Do you find yourself wanting more excitement, creativity, and/or romance in your relationships? DO you find yourself trapped in situations and then ask yourself.."HOw'd I get here"? Are you tired of hearing men tell you that you need to change, you're confusing, I can't understand you? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you and I have been on the same boat. But the thing want a man...a good may not be official, it could be a fling, a date, simply flirting, a long-term or short term relationship. Ladies, we do not realize the power that we have over men. We at most times hold the key to our own problems. Womanhood is something that infatuates men, yet we need to know how to apply it, so that...1) we don't get hurt 2)we get what we want, when we want it 3) we are understanding, charming, sexy,and including all other qualities that men are looking for... Well ladies we set the record straight, but men choose to scratch it. Yet, there are many approaches we can take so he won't even dream of scratching your record. That is why I, Marlie, am here to offer and share my opinions, advice, and experiences with all you women out there. I believe it's time for us to lock arms and do our thing. I have advised for quite some time now, but my focus is on women and their empowerment in relationships. So don't wait, don't hesitate to;s like talkin' to ya girl friend.