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Crueltress Latexxxa

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I smoke, and I enjoy it. Sometimes I sit at a bar, my long, toned legs crossed on the barstool, and cigarette in hand. Walk up to me and say hello, and I'll exhale, straight into your face.

I don't care if it makes you cough. In fact, I like hearing you cough as I blow smoke in your face.

Should you pay Me each time I make you eat a cigarette butt? Ten bucks a butt? Twenty? More? Are they delicious? I'll bet they would taste even better with My lip print.

What part of your body is your favorite when being used as My ashtray? Your tongue? You enjoy a sizzling ass?

Forced smoking? I love to make guys like you smoke for Me. One cigarette after another, putting one out, lighting another. How many can you smoke in the car, during the ride home?

Imagine yourself tied up in My dungeon, naked, vulnerable. I light my cigarette, perhaps in a long, sensual holder. I walk over to you and begin to smoke, inhaling, then exhaling my cruel smoke of excess over your body.

Perhaps while you're tied up, or in the cage, I'll sit nearby and smoke, allowing you to watch.