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Honor The Goddess!!


Are you lonely cause you don't know what to do?

Or where to go?

Well, CALL me!

Do you long to serve the Goddess and
learn how to properly honor and GIVE to her?
Then, you must be ready for anything...
AND I am in charge.

Any disobedience will be punished.

You must be worthy of the Sacred Feminine.
You must respect the GODDESS completely.
Learn how to please HER.
Can you measure up?
Are you a powerful man who longs to surrender
to a beautiful GODDESS?
Your reverence & actions will reveal all
I or anyone need to know about you.

Are you ready to evolve?
Are you ready to learn how to serve the Goddess?

First, you must learn to properly address the GODDESS.
Then you will have tasks to do in order to
ascertain your sincerity and worthiness.
You be patient and understanding
of her situation and circumstances
at ANY given moment.
If you pass these tests, YOU will be rewarded.
But, first, you must serve ME!

You have been brainwashed into thinking you are a man.
Until you have passed my tests, you will never be a REAL MAN, a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR worthy of a true GODDESS.
I am here to teach you how to correctly honor the Divine Goddess
that has incarnated as Me.
Your spiritual growth depends on it.
Your personal fulfillment depends on it.
No woman worth having will ever settle for less.
Only a Goddess like ME can take you to
such mystical heights of ecstasy...
but you must EARN THIS!!

Choose to open up to a higher vision for your Life!
The Goddess awaits your devotion and you must surrender all to HER!
This is not for the weak of heart.
You must be STRONG and DETERMINED in every way,
to awaken your supreme masculine essence.
Learn how to bring a true GODDESS ecstasy...

It will probably require several phone calls,
like once a week,
so I can give you your assignments and
see if you are courageous enough to trust me and
follow through on this path learning how to

CALL me, NOW!!

EXT. # 0345140