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I expect total love and devotion

More Than A Decade Of Decadent Discipline

Is this your dream? Do you yearn to surrender to a beautiful and merciless Goddess? Do you want to be part of My stable of moneyslaves?

Give yourself up to Me, dog. I will defile you, degrade you and humiliate you. I will use you and abuse you. I will bitch slap you and torture you in a thousand ways. You will become powerless before My altar. I will become your addiction, your obsession. I will be bitchy, demanding and cruel.

You will build a shrine to Me and work for My comfort and luxury. You will fall in love with Me and spoil Me, knowing all the while that you can never have Me. I am not your sexual fulfillment.

Your sexuality is my toy and My tool. I will tease you and manipulate you through the hunger of your little cock. I will make you go out to gay bars and suck cock to earn money for Me. I will cuckold you. You will pay for My lover to take Me out to dinner, and afterwards you will call Me so I can tell you about all the wonderful, nasty things he did for Me with his gorgeous cock. And you will jerk off only when I permit it and only when you pay Me a jerkoff tax.

You will belong completely to Me. And in return you will have pleasure in the paradoxical intimacy of serving a distant and unattainable Goddess. You will reside here in the inner sanctum of My temple and you will be home at last. You will become a treasured slave in My stable.

Come, My pathetic, little lost slaveboy, come serve Me. Call Me now, Bitch!