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The exchange of power is a truly balanced exchange. One can not receive more than one is willing to give. Trust is not linear. Superb relationships are realized by challenging traditional attitudes and scrapping the relics of old mores. The Scene is advanced sexuality. You can play the game without having learned the fundamentals, but a lot of the magic will pass you by. The attraction for the submissive is the freedom of letting go. Everybody encounters stumbling blocks in experiencing pleasure. For a submissive, many of these are removed by giving his Domme the power to control what happens. His focus narrows, he is no longer alone in a hostile universe, the submissive is linked to his Domme. he does not have to fend for himself. his Mistresss is in charge. he is not responsible for doing anything more than what he is told. he is free to let himself go where his Mistress, his mind, and his body take him. his morality is not an issue anymore, he is under the influence of his Domme's morality. his inhibitions fall away and he finds new reservoirs within himself for experiencing pleasure. To be able to let go completely, he has to trust his Domme thoroughly. This Scene is consensual impowerment. Dominance depends on what makes a submissive feel submissive. Dominating is a balance of drawing on a submissive's sexual responses and peaking his sense of adventure. The Mistress agrees to care for and work toward the pleasure of both partners. It is a path toward self-discovery. The requirements of a submissive are emotional and internal preparation. A submissive is responsible for making his feelings known and maintaining genuine comunication