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Lady Lynn LOVES crossdressers

Call Me Lady Lynn...

....although you might know me as "Auntie Maim" if you visited my dungeon or saw Me on "HBO: REAL SEX #3", or "Sunny Carter" if you read various of my articles, "Sherry", or "Shelly", not to mention the occasional "Brandy", "Candy" or "Randi".

If you visited St. Croix in the 80's, you might have met me as "La Gringa" or even possibly, "La Bruja Blanca", (But, that's a whole "nuther" story....)

In these 20 years or so I've worked in the Sex Industry, I have done unspeakable things, to be sure.
But, I did them exquisitely.
.....And I never smoked in public.
There's northing wrong with being a whore, as long as you're always a Lady. Never forget that!

Having retired recently from these more than 20 years in the Sex Industry, from NYC "call girl" to a short stint in a Puerto Rican whore house, to owning and operating a very successful S&m Dungeon in the basement of my very proper home in a palatial old neighborhood in Atlanta for many years, where I discovered my passion for crossdressers. I specialized with only the "girls" from then on.... training French Maids, "Little Darlings" and a few very lovely vixens who loved nothing more than to dress "au slut", turn a few tricks and eagerly hand their money over to Me...

so believe me, darlings, I've been called a lot of names.

Perhaps Im simply jaded. For reasons I cannot explain, the first time I entertained a young man dressed in a French Maid's costume, "her" impossibly long, well shaped legs shimmering in ultra sheer black stockings, disappearing under that frothy mass of petticoats, under the short black satin shirt... the gleaming white, lacy apron, the towering high heels that made me want to bite her calves...LOL, I will never forget the intensity of my response to her.

In her red up-do wig with tendrils escaping around her pale, perfectly made-up face, she looked like a young Katherine Hepburn. I was entranced. I wanted to defile her.

When I commanded her to lie across my lap, I ran my hand slowly under that fluffy mass of ruffles and felt her naked buttocks in the thong panties she wore. I fondled it for a long moment before raising the skirt to see that glorious white, round little bottom...oh, my. So white...too white? How would a bright pink, smarting bottom look?

I made that first spanking last almost an hour, alternating gentle, soothing strokes with sudden sharp SMACKS!, LOL, until the poor darling cried and begged for mercy...and for release....oh, how she begged for her sweet release, her poor aching "clit" rubbing against my thighs... the poor, poor darling...

I suppose, just as there are men who have a fetish for wearing women's clothes...there are women whose fetish IS those men...

If you are the enchanting Little Darling of my dreams.....
You can call me Lady Lynn.
Call me now.

more about Lady Lynn...
Lady Lynn,
aka "Auntie Maim" aka "Sunny Carter"
"HBO:Real Sex #3", "Geraldo",
"People Are Talking",
featured speaker," World Whore's Congress", Brussels, Belgium, 1986,
author: "SEX WORK", Cleiss Press (Sunny Carter)
author, (work in progress) "Sing Me a Killing Song", ETA: 2005.