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The Ultimate in Training male slaves

Chastity Training of male slaves One morning upon entering one of my slaves’ quarters I find him lying back on his bunk pleasuring himself. I find he has one hand around his penis and the other reaching further down caressing his testicles. Knowing that this is strictly forbidden by his Mistress he quickly removes both of his hands and looks at me with terror in his eyes. "Shame on you", I exclaim as I walk into his stable and look down upon him. He, of course, looks at me with shear terror in his eyes knowing what lies ahead for him this day and who knows how many more days to come. I grab him by the arm and yank him very roughly up from his cot. With my crop in hand I whip him without mercy til he finally moves out of his stable and into the main room. My other slaves are all looking through the openings of their stalls...All watching as I whip him to my leather horse. Because none of my slaves are permitted clothing of any kind it does not take me long to get him knelt down into the horse. I hear him begin to sob as I lower the stocks around his head and his wrists. I see him looking up at me with terror in his eyes and I hear him already begin to beg for my mercy. Of course, I laugh right in his face as I lower myself down to his red blushing face cheeks. I take his face in both of my hands and I gently wipe a tear that has begun to fall upon his cheek. Looking into his eyes I must admit that I do feel very sorry for the lad.. I know he was only doing what comes natural to every young lad his age. However, I also know the importance of discipline, and I know he will be a much better slave because of what I am going to put him through this day. Leaning forward, I gently kiss his cheek and hold him close to myself. I also, however, whisper into his ear before I rise up, "You know what has to happen now, don't you?" I feel his whole body shiver as I rise and release his face from my hands. I stand there for a minute running my long fingernails through his black curly hair with the open bottom of my corset pressing so gently into his face. I know he can smell my essence as I feel him shiver once again. Then I hear him softly whisper into my waxed bare mound, "yes Your Majesty, I know what has to happen". Gliding my long nails through his hair once more, I release his head and pick up my crop and walk slowwwwwly to the back of the horse. Reaching down I take one of his ankles and place it into the ankle cuff and lock it. I do the same with the other ankle and lock it into place as well. I stand back a while and enjoy my nice open view of his hanging penis and testicles. I smirk at the swollen testicles dangling there before my eyes, yet I notice the shock of what is about to happen to him has his penis a bit shriveled. Walking to my cabinet of implements I take out a "Gates from Hell" and I know he can hear the clickity click of my nice black heels as they dance across the floor. I look back and notice he is straining his head attempting to see just what I am getting and I smile to myself as I know I have my cabinet in a nice place just out of his view. I walk over to him and bring the device to his face. I smile as I see the terror in his eyes as he looks at it. I am thinking to myself what a wonderful investment this device has been for me. It is most efficient in teaching male slaves who break my rules. I have had this "Gates from Hell" specially designed just for me. Oh, it has the 5 rings of steel and the leather strap to wrap around the testicles yes that it does. However, this little device also has sharp little pins of steel running through the inside of the steel rings. As his penis grows through my punishments, the rings will not be the only things to cause this slave torment. The sharp little steel pins will cause him great discomfort. I smile as I look down into his big terror filled eyes. My ears delight as I hear him begin to cry and beg me not to use this upon him. Without even giving him a second thought I turn and walk to his backside. Kneeling down behind him I take his very shriveled penis into my soft gentle hand and ring by ring I place it into the device. Taking the leather strap I wrap it around his testicles very tightly and snap it into place. I smile to myself as I notice the sac so stretched. Rising, I stand back once again and admire my view. I look over at my other slaves as they have huge bulging eyes looking back at me. Each one has gone through this, and each one knows the terror that runs through this Queen’s heart as he stares back at me. Just for an effect, I reach out with my long nails and gently run them up his open thighs. I hear him suck in his breath as he feels me beginning to touch him. I run them up a bit further, up and across his open cheeks. I especially concentrate them on his open furrow gently gliding them up and down that open furrow of his. I look down and I notice his legs trembling in the horse, and I smile to myself. Picking up my crop I slowwwly begin gliding the tip of my crop up and down his open thighs. I see the goose bumps rise upon his flesh as he feels the leather touching his skin. Moving up a bit higher I continue to run the tip of my crop across his naked flesh. Gliding the tip occasionally down and up his nice open furrow. Bringing my wrist back,I lay on a series of light stingy swats to his right cheek. Laying the crop on the left check I bring my wrist back and, I lay on another series to that pale cheek. Gliding my corp down lower to his open thigh I move a bit to the side and, I lay on a series of swats to the inside of his right open thigh. I smile to myself as I hear him sucking in his breath trying to be strong through this knowing that the red marks I am seeing on his naked flesh is certainly getting his attention. I move to the left side and lay the tip of my crop on that open thigh and ,,,I lay a series of light stingy swats to that one. Bringing the tip of my crop to the upper part of his furrow I slowwwwwly trail the tip down that very sensitive area. I hear him beginning to beg now and I smile to myself once again remembering that he never did handle this part very well. Laying the tip of the crop on the left side of his open furrow I bring my wrist back and, I lay on a very thorough series of swats to that side. To hear the rest of this story, give me a call.