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Alluring Alanah Princess

$IGNORE$ You stupid loser, I want it ALL!!

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Ever think about why the words tribute, donation and gift are used when dealing with a money pig? It's because payments are made to servants, not Goddesses. When a donation is made or a gift is given it is NOT, nor should it EVER be, in expectation of something in return. After all, the definition of gift is: "Something voluntarily transferred by one loser to a Goddess without compensation." So, having said that, do NOT expect anything from Me just because you max out your credit card. I won't even speak to you, unless I feel like it. If you really want MY attention you will have to prove it by giving freely of yourself and all of your $MONEY$!

I'm an intelligent, sexy, sadistic, SPOILED & a very Greedy Goddess. I dance for wealthy, lonely, pathetic lil piggies all day. I can't get enough of their $MONEY$ and they can't get enough of Me! Now, you know I would NEVER give scum like you a second glance, much less waste My time talking to your loser ass. Lucky for you, $MONEY$ is the great equalizer. you don't have to be cute, funny or even smart as long as you can afford to pay for My time.

I get so excited when My little piggie banks break open and spill out all of their $MONEY$ for Me! I love to hear you squeal like a stuck lil piggie as I drain you of all your extra $MONEY$. you don't deserve it anyway, all you do is waste it on beer or porn, fucking loser. haha you need a Goddess that can free you of all of your finacial cares. If you are a very generous lil pig, I may allow you to buy Me a gift certificate at one of My favorite online shops. Wouldn't it be great to hear Me spending all of your hard earned $MONEY$? I know you love hearing how happy I am when I shop!

So you are eager to spend a big load all on Me? Well some women have wish lists, but nosey piggies don't need to know what I want except for their $MONEY$
So if you are desperate to spend that $MONEY$
on a well deserving Princess like Me, you can always please Me by sending a tribute or paid mail.

~Don't forget~
**Good lil piggies should leave Me glowing feedback like I deserve**