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Real Fetish Advice by Experienced Domme

Princess Krista: REAL Sex Advice

From feathers to BDSM to Fetish...

I'm Princess Krista, and I'm here to answer your questions about BDSM, Fetish and all legal forms of Sex.

I'm not offering domination sessions or phone sex here on Keen. You can get that from just about anyone else, and probably much cheaper. After you get off, though, what’s left? What I have to give and share is my experience, intelligence, caring and compassion. I understand sexuality, am not afraid to talk about it, and never ridicule even the most basic questions. I'm also not afraid to admit when I'm out of my realm, and will not waste your time making up answers. I have the integrity to be honest, and it is my sincere desire that you gain something from our interaction that will help you for the rest of your life.

I live the BDSM and sexually open lifestyle and have an adult store with a serious fetish and leather twist. I meet all sorts of people with all sorts of questions about anything from basics, such as how to use condoms, to all of the many variations of sex. I've always been told that by people that I meet that they feel they can talk to me easily and comfortably about sex, getting straightforward, no-nonsense, practical advice on anything from sexual communication to practical how to's on BDSM equipment. I also have a website devoted to this advice Ask Krista Sex Advice, but it is MUCH faster and more satisfying to contact me here. Because of the free nature of my site, some people have to wait op to 6 months for a reply-here you get to speak to me in person, privately and immediately. I've written numerous articles on anything from anal sex to communication to blow jobs that address real questions from real people just like you.

I've been involved in BDSM and the professional sex industry in one form or another for more than 20 years, and at last count, had been with over 6000 men and women on a professional basis in both regular and Dominant capacities. I have extensive experience from working in Las Vegas brothels as a professional entertainer and as a Pro Domme.

My experience: I was a Pro (nice name for "Working Girl", but NEVER worked the streets!) from about the age of 16, with my first BDSM experience around a year after I started working. I was hooked! I focused my "business" toward the Pro Domme side at about age 20, and got a lot of job satisfaction from it.

About 8 years ago, I became a very active member of a large BDSM group, later becoming a board member, and eventually heading it for three years. I was and still am looked up to as a community leader and a trusted leader of a group of more than 300 people. I have lectured, given demonstrations on anything from piercing to fireplay to basic and beginning BDSM.

My life is now devoted to helping others talk about and enhance their sex lives. Real advice from a real person who has immeasurable experience, compassion, caring and integrity. I'm not certified in sex therapy, and for advanced difficulties, I will recommend that you seek professionals.

The realization of the difficulties of basic sexuality and alternative lifestyles led me to start thinking about opening my store. With my store and affiliations to BDSM groups, I manage to keep pretty busy and fully immersed in this glorious lifestyle, and cannot ever imagine ever doing anything else. The exploration that led me here, the lessons learned on both sides of the whip, in the brothels and in every aspect of sexuality-these are the things that I offer to enhance your sexual experience. I believe that everybody has the potential to be a passionate and sexual being, and like to think that in some small way, I can help people to explore and celebrate it in a healthy and safe manner.

Please remember: Safe, Sane and Consensual