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How Filthy Are You?

It would be my honor to introduce you to my world - I have been a lifestyle submissive/slave for more than 15 years. I lived as a collared slave for 4 of those years.

Ultra taboos have been my way of life for as long as I can remember, and I would love to share those experiences with you. This is not make believe, it is what I have lived.

~*~ I do not use 'scripts' ~*~

~*~ I do not make stuff up. Ask me about my experiences. If I haven't done something, I will tell you. If I have done it, I will tell you about it.~*~

~*~ I do not just make noises and pretend I am following your orders. You tell me to do it, and I will do it. If you tell me to do something that can't be done, I will tell you I can't.~*~

~*~ No baloney, no BS ~*~

I *am* as hardcore and taboo as it gets. I know how filthy I am. Lets find out together how filthy *YOU* are......Sir.

All calls of 15 minutes or more will recieve free minutes toward your next call.

PS. Below you will find links to my picture sets. Again, they are the REAL DEAL. I hope you like them. Goodness knows I had a lot of fun taking the pictures!

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Bondage Collection

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