Phone Sex

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(This tattoo is on my lower back)

HELLO!!!! What is this crap? You need to call me immediately! I am tired of waiting for you to take your position beneath my feet!

You know that you want to serve Me. You feel the desire burning deep within you. Come to Me you cum sucking sissy bitch.

When you call Me, you are to immediately reveal your identity to Me in this manner, "Your Highness - this is _______, Your humble servant."

You must always address Me as "Your Highness". NEVER call Me "mistress". You will speak only when I ask you to speak or if I ask you a direct question, you will provide an immediate answer - if you feel the need to speak outside of My asking, you must say, "Your Highness - may I humbly speak?"

This is a relationship - not "phone sex". I don't care if you have a wife, girlfriend, or whatever - you must keep in contact with Me.

You must abide by any requests that I make of you - as this relationship begins, you will give Me love, adoration, and trust. I will allow you to EARN my adoration. You may do this by submitting your soul for all of My wants and whims. Give Me all of your passion and desire. If I feel that you are holding back on Me - then I will have no choice but to "punish" you.

You must understand that if I allow you to grovel at My feet, you may one day earn the opportunity to feel pleasure from the place where "true pleasure" originates - from within Diablia.