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If you have any wonder about my skills with words and their power, take a moment to read an excerpt from my latest work in progress. This is chapter one from my new book.

Chapter 1 - Late October

She knew that her behavior recently had been less than perfect. So many things in her life had kept her preoccupied. She had very little time for what her heart kept drawing her to do. Keeping busy was a good thing for her; the distractions were welcomed. She longed to just run away from it all and let her heart decide her course of action. But logic and safety kept her from that action.

It had been weeks since she had last spoken to him. She was able to have a rare email dialogue, but it was not the same as hearing his voice, letting it captivate and move her. She knew that this weekend would be different. She had received information in an email for a meeting that had been a long time coming. The first few meetings were glorious, but each was reserved, almost innocuous. This meeting promised to be something special. She hoped he had not noticed how inattentive she had been lately. She didn't want anything to take away from this special time together.

He called her on Thursday to confirm the arrangements. A special flutter went through her body as she listened to the details of their meeting. That afternoon, she carefully pulled out the items he requested and packed a special bag for their meeting.

Friday seemed like it would never arrive. When she went to bed, all she could think about was the fact that she would be his again, very soon. As she lay in bed, the thoughts of his touch, his caress, his taste, his firm grip and his voice all cascaded over her. Rest did not come easy. At 4:32am, she rolled over and stared at the clock. The little colon on the red digital display, blinking at her, reminded her that she had to wait further.

The soft filtered rays of sunlight greeted her as she opened her eyes. Six-thirty. Still not time to leave, but there is no chance she would get back to sleep. She bounded out of bed. The casual smile on her face betraying the fact that she was exhilarated about the day ahead. The careful morning routine of bath, tastefully applied makeup and a quick breakfast of Diet Coke and cantaloupe prepared her for what was to come.

The resort was not a very long drive from her house. She was actually surprised at how quickly she arrived. She was afraid she was going to arrive too early and not be able to follow his instructions. But there was no way she would be late. She would rather be admonished for being too early than punished for tardiness.

The gated entrance greeted her as she neared the end of the wooded drive, not too far from the interstate exit. The old growth oaks and dogwoods richly reminded her of scenes from movies and quaint postcards. She chuckled when she thought of the look on her friends’ faces if they saw her today. Right now, she looked like she was prepared for a day of antique hunting. She knew the contents of her bag and the warm thoughts she had revealed a more forbidden pleasure than a weekend jaunt in search of cute collectibles and seemingly priceless artifacts.

She idled her car at the stop sign in front of the gate and peered about, looking for an intercom box or a switch to activate a call or open the gate. There was nothing apparent. After a moment, a soft hiss beckoned her through the gate as the huge green iron blockade swung open. She wondered what activated it and whether there was a camera somewhere that she could not see. The driveway continued for nearly a mile. She was surprised that a private resort of this size existed for so long near her and she never heard about it. Her eyes filled with awe as the drive ended at a large arc bordered by hibiscus and neatly trimmed fescue lawn. To the right was a small area for temporary parking and a small sign reading “Guests”.

She had hoped to find a sign reading “Lobby” or even “Check-In”, but since there were none; “Guests” would have to do. She glanced around as she stepped out of the car. Aware that the grounds looked neat, immaculate and lushly appointed, she was still concerned that there was no sign of activity: No Valet, no guests, and no workers. A shiver crept up her spine as she slowly walked around the car, angling toward the tall double doors in the center of a small building, to the side of the main entrance.

She pushed open the heavy door and looked about the small lobby area. A sole woman, smartly dressed in a grey suit, stood behind a small walnut counter area. She walked slowly to the counter, suspicious of the woman in the suit.

“Hello and welcome!” The woman called out as she approached the counter. “Ms. Sinclair, correct?”

She was taken aback. How did this woman know who she was already? “Y-y-yes”, she stammered, obviously caught off guard. Her real name was not Sinclair, but that was the name she was told to use when she arrived. She liked the sound of it, generic enough but with a bit of distinction.

“Everything is ready for you. Please give Warren your car keys.” Nearly without a sound, a tall man wearing a crisp black bell uniform appeared next to her.

She dropped her keys in his outstretched palm as she eyed him suspiciously. He closed his hand about the keys, smiled, turned on his heel and disappeared through the door through which she had entered.

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