Phone Sex

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Taylor Fallon Alpha Female

Beautiful Natural-born Domina & Female Supremacist

THE SUPREME FEMALE: Earthly Embodiment of the Goddess

Hungry to submit? Dying to worship? Need to bare your soul? Simply want to talk to Someone who understands? Then you may proceed further...

I am the devistatingly beautiful and intelligent lifestyle Domina and Female Supremacist, Taylor Fallon, Alpha Female. My life may be your fantasy, but to Me, it is very real and I relish each delicious aspect of being a Disciplinarian, slave Owner and true Supreme Female.
I will own you, mind, body and soul.

Although I really do enjoy the occasional phone call from an eager and respectful sub, masochist, slut or toy, I do not suffer lightly having My time wasted, rude callers or tiny-dicked wankers who expect vanilla phone sex. How boring. I am NOT some wannabe dungeon diva in cheap vinyl acting from a lame script, a tired hooker with a $2.00 riding crop or a sleazy, trailer-trash phone slut who flashes her pussy for a few dollars. Breathtaking in EVERY way -- do not underestimate My abilities based on My looks -- I am a force to be reckoned with. Accept your lowly but thrilling place graciously at the bottom of My food chain and have something amusing, at the very least, to offer when you pick up that phone.

Be careful what you wish for...

To make the very best use of both O/our time (especially Mine) please visit My website to prepare yourself for O/our call. My Dominance is as genuine as My natural beauty so please be ready to give Me your best, most sincere effort as I will tolerate (and deserve) nothing less.

Human ATMs and otherwise worthless financial slaves accept your destiny: Weekly tributes to the lovely, superior, sexy-hot Taylor Fallon give you an actual reason to walk the Earth. Click below now!

If you believe that you, indeed, have that "certain something" that would be of interest, I am always auditioning earnest new telephone boy-toys whose deepest desires are to AMUSE ME in one or more of the following areas:
  • Phone slavery
  • Living ATM & financial subjugation
  • Maid, slut or pet training
  • Verbal & physical debasement
  • NT & other bodily torments
  • Receptacle, spitoon or doormat
  • Orgasm control, denial & extended chastity
  • Cuckholding
  • Intense fetish exploration & Goddess worship

I also permit polite calls from wayward souls and from those who need instruction in manners or in the art of living. Are your innermost secrets weighing you down? Misunderstood? Alone? As Head Mistress of the School of Life, I am a compassionate and non-judgmental listener. Feel the burden lift as you confess your darkest sins and admit your shortcomings -- it is never too late for self-discovery and improvement under My strict and caring guidance.

Remove your hand from that tiny piece of flesh.


If you are interested in any fetish or aspect of D/s that is not listed herein, I invite sincere requests -- you never know if you don't ask. There is no guarantee that I will be able to accept your call immediately as My life does not revolve around the telephone (O/one would wonder about the actual "dominance" of a "domme" whose phone is always on), but you can always try. you simply may have to wait an hour or two until I am ready. When you do call, please introduce yourself and be prepared to briefly describe what you are or what you are into. I am intuitive, but cannot be expected to read minds. If you must hang up abruptly or have limited funds, be respectful and excuse yourself. you should NEVER hang up on a Goddess. Leaving positive feedback is a nice touch and always appreciated. The Natural Order of Things: you exist to amuse, obey, serve, pamper and entertain Me, the stunning Taylor Fallon, Alpha Female. Never forget that.


Too shy to speak to Me in P/person? Politely request to be a "NF mail pet" by clicking on the button below. Once your token has been accepted, you will receive precise instructions or advice from the Mistress...