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.:: Your MIND is a WONDERFUL thing to FUCK! ::.

Goddess Leesa's Female Supremacy Man Hurting Kiosk

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I am an all American girl genetically endowed with the mind and soul of a Mediterranean Goddess.

My ability to get what I want with my looks, my sensuality and my intellect, and the ability I possess to read you & dig deep into your SOUL took me to where I am today - in your heart, your mind, in your veins & in your wallet! Intelligent, talented, accomplished, and REAL, I just can't HELP using My Power to exploit you and amuse myself with your antics *evil giggle*

My Goddess looks may grab your attention but my steel-trap, diabolically creative mind will turn Me into Your New Religion, Your Latest Addiction, Your Wildest Dream & Your Worst Nightmare.

Boys exist for My pleasure, and I'm here to use and toy with as many of you as I can, just for kicks and giggles and to convert all of you into an army of worker bees to entertain and tend to my every whim.
If you can't make a worthwhile contribution to this effort, then move on.

Maxing you out!

I enjoy many fetishes including bondage, sensory deprivation, teasing and denial, orgasm control & chastity, foot worship and foot slavery, boots, shoes, stockings, spanking and flogging, forced bi, verbal abuse and humiliation, financial domination and moneyslavery. But, all you really have to remember is that you exist to SERVE, PLEASE and OBEY Remember that & we'll get along fine and none of that other stuff will matter

This is no ordinary fetish or scene roleplay. This is turning your will and your life over to a powerful Superior Being.

Be careful what you wish just found it!

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Always be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else
Judy Garland

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