Phone Sex

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Losers: Apply here to worship your new Addiction

Welcome to MY world worms, sissies, boys, and pain sluts.

Don't bother expecting me to give a shit about you. You are here to serve ME. Read EVERY word in this listing, and memorize them. I'M not going to tell you twice when you break a rule. All you get is dead air.

I am a 29 year old Dominatrix, in the Midwest. I am 5'4", 120 pounds, blonde/blue. I do real time sessions for those of you with enough spine to meet if you have earned that privilege. I have a stable of full time pets that serve me real time, and am VERY selective in who I allow to join my select group. Since you are a pathetic loser, you might as well accept that you are not going to be that fortunate, but you can always dream.

Madame's Rules:

1. Do NOT touch your worthless prick until I have told you to. This is disrespectful.
2. My name is Mistress to you. ALWAYS.
3. You will say thank you when you are done talking to ME.
4. Do NOT cum until I have granted you permission. DON'T assume you will even GET permission.
5. You are here to serve ME. What you want does NOT matter to me.
6. I am a TRUE sadist, and WILL abuse you for MY amusement.
7. If my call button says "CALL NOW".....Do NOT waste MY fucking time emailing me and asking if you can call. You stupid worms, WHY do you think I am AVAILABLE? I don't waste my time sitting at my computer wiating for you worms to talk to ME, so your pathetic little e-mail begging for my attention just might sit there for DAYS before I see it. Just fucking CALL you dumbass.


Cock torture/ CBT
Anal torture/play
Foot worship
Slut training
Tease and denial
Bladder training
Making you SUFFER
Using you exactly as you deserve to be

What the fuck is taking you so long? You have been blessed with the opportunity to introduce yourself to your new Addiction. Pick up the fucking phone.