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Welcome to the next step in role playing

Everyone wants to make a living doing what they love. What do I love? Good sex and good stories! And gaming has been one of my favorite hobbies since before I had a clear idea of what sex was. :-)

By gaming, I mean participating in role playing games. Lot's of people are familiar with Dungeons & Dragons and other such games. If you aren't, think of it as being part of a story. You aren't just reading someone else's writing, you make a character and are part of the action.

Keen seems like the perfect way to go. With its adult section, we have some assurance to the age of the players, and through keen mail multiple people can join in.

The Cross Realm There are those who believe that anything that can happen, does happen somewhere. They're right.

When we fall asleep, we dream. Our minds turn from the waking language that we share with others to a symbolic internal language. But some of us go beyond our own minds and into the Cross Realm.

Satyr's play their pipes for frolicking nymphs in the woods. Kings and queens hold court in lavish castles. Knights battle for the favor of beautiful ladies.

It isn't all medieval fantasy, though. Fae walk among human kind in modern cities. And while a man might dream of a harem he keeps in the highest tower penthouse in New York, another might dream of sex on the beach of an island resort with a who who won't give him the time of day in the waking world.

Nor is it all pleasant. Vampires stalk the night in the Cross Realm. A woman might dream that she is a virgin followed by a pure silver unicorn, only to discover that something much darker follows her as well.

Wanna play with me? As they say, anything goes!

$.75 a minute for calls

$2.00 for game mail