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True domination means earning a submissive's trust by giving them what is needed. As always, the Dom/me must control the situation. Breaking a person's spirit is butchery, while molding the bond of submission is an art. Sadism (as it was originally defined) is the inflicting of pain on unwilling victims. The D/s relationship is in fact consensual and therefore logically, it cannot be sadistic. O/our practices must always be safe, sane, and consensual. A good rule, is no unintentional pain. Irrespective of the control that must be exercised. The proper application of power will mark the true intentions of the Dom/me on the soul of the submissive and strengthen the bond. What ultimately characterizes the truly worthy, is an appreciation of the beautiful gift of submission. Be careful who you place your trust in, no matter how much they profess their love for you here or real life. The lure of the net keeps them wanting and looking for more. ~~ Even if they know that they have the real thing and that there isn't any more that can compare.~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ She caged him in a corner box.~ Kept him chained on a golden leash attached to a bracket on the wall that ran firmly from the buttocks to the balls. ~ Then called him most tenderly like a bird until he danced the dance of joy to Her cruel stinging whip. ~**~ ~***~ Women be forceful, Demanding and Strict! Use Your males! Punish! They need to be kicked. ~ Pay them a hundreadfold ; even be Cruel ~ Manhood is out . its Your turn to Rule. ~ males beg your Mistress to never forgive! Learn how to serve Her as long as you live. ~ Crawl at Her heel, touch Her toe with your lip! ~ Praise Her Grand Beauty and Worship Her whip.