Phone Sex

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Yes, I really do know what you need.

you have been toyed with by so called "mistresses". What you really need is for a strong black woman to take control of you. you need to relinquish the control on your life and turn it over to me. Stop holding onto it. you are only messing it up!

you need direction in your life. Let ME be the one to lead you where you need to go. you need to be serving me so that you will be fulfilled. Until you reach your true calling life you are a worthless piece of scum!

Let me relieve you of your tensions and stresses of life! Here are the steps you need to take:

First, you must submit by acknowledging that black women are superior to white wimps such as yourself. Admit to yourself that you are worthless without me.

Second, you must truly believe that by living out this acknowledgement, you will relieve all the stress in your life. I know that you probably don't know how to live this out. Here are the instructions:

First, you must be open to me and close off yourself.

Second, you must be willing to divulge this honesty and openness to me. Thus, building trust!!

Last and not least, you must be willing to accept the advice I provide for you. By pondering the advice and living out instructions, you are in essence ridding yourself of the stresses in a more responsible way.

I am not here to judge you, but to only help you to relieve the stresses that are on you back and rooted deep in your psyche.

And to relieve that other 5 percent, you must perform an act of charity or giving...Call me to find out how!!!