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Sissy sluts will be forced to worship!

I am Alluring Alanah...

..but you WILL call Me Goddess! I am sensual and sadistic. I am intoxicating and erotic. You are weak and desperate to fill the emptiness in your pathetic life. you will NEVER be happy in your current state of denial. It's time you faced reality.

You are a weak slave to that pathetic piece of flesh between your legs. Your life is so miserable because you have to fight your desires or hide your submissiveness. With ME you will be allowed to be your true pathetic, weak minded self. In fact, I will insist upon it.

you are in desperate need of a Goddess like Me. I will put you and keep you in your place! you are here only to please Me, and you will do so mentally, physically and of course financially.
Don't worry slut, I know what you crave. Once I have had My fun teasing you, taunting you, making you beg for the smallest of pleasures, you MAY be allowed to have yours. Just don't think you deserve it because you are paying to talk to Me. You pay for the privilege of My company.

How far are you willing to go? Would you love to have Me take control of your daily life? Telling you how to live, what to wear, what to think? I have no problem making you My total slut pig, but it will cost you.

A few Rules!!
If you have toys you WILL have them ready. If you are a sissy slut you WILL be dressed appropriately and ready to be used and abused. I expect a proper cheerful and respectful greeting from you. you WILL address Me as Goddess, or Ma'am. Be prepared for complete servitude while in My care. If you have strong limits you may make Me aware of them at your own risk. I reserve the right to fuck with you as much as I like.

Here is a brief list of some things that interest Me:

  • Imaginative psychodrama
  • Humiliation verbal/public
  • Sissification/Forced Fem
  • Teasing and denial
  • Cuckolds
  • Small cock humiliation
  • CBT
  • Foot, shoe and stocking fetish
  • Trampling
  • Strapon play
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Ashtrays/forced smoking
  • Ass Worship/Facesitting
  • Medical fetish
  • Financial ruin/Blackmail

By now you should be quivering with excitement, My pet. Come and kneel before Me, give in to those feelings. you will open yourself to Me and sink into the wonderful feeling of being complete, of being My property.

Note: I am a switch. I do not profess to only be Dominant, yet that is the role that excites me mentally more so than physically. I believe the roles in the BDSM lifestyle are a choice like all other things in life. I choose not to be stuck in one role because I bore easily. I hate labels, but if I must wear one it will be that of a switch. I also believe because I have been on both sides of D/s, I have a better understanding of what it takes to fulfill each role.