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tell me what to do. WOMEN ONLY MAY CALL

Talk to me and make me do YOUR bidding. my name is sam. i am known as "manwhohastopay" because of my unfortunate fetish, which means i have to accept instructions and do as I am told by a suitable woman.

i am about 5ft 9in, 190lb, professional . . . and get turned on by a slim, sensuous, sexy woman who enjoys treating me mean and relieving me of my cash, who teases money out of me, even though she may give me little or nothing in return once she's got my money!

That means i end up having to pay even for phone erotica from a woman who, in other circumstances, might happily have indulged for free!

It means that i sometimes have to make a payment to a woman before i'm allowed even to talk to her on the phone, let alone meet her.

It means that, on occasion, i have to meet a woman exactly as if i were visiting her in a hostess club, night club, clip joint even, or table/lap-dancing club - and be charged accordingly, even if there's only the girl and me present . . . together, possibly, with one or more of her sexy girlfriends to extract even more of my cash.

i love slow, erotic tease, especially by a gorgeous woman who is clearly in control.

i get aroused by permission to orgasm being withheld unless and until a woman has extracted her price. But when i'm very turned on i am bad at resisting temptation, at saying no.

Please note that manwhohastopay is required to include the following mandatory statement on all Niteflirt messages (except automated replies) that he sends: