Phone Sex

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Are you addicted to sex? Or is this a variation of normal? Healthy sexuality does not have to be what most people consider normal.  Did you know that BDSM and cross dressing is not considered a pathology by most psychologists today?

When do you know if you have a problem? Is your fascination or intense focus in sexual alternatives an addiction? Are your interests in this area bringing you release, pleasure, acceptance?   How can exploring your deepest fantasies bring you real intimacy?

Are you spending too much money on Keen
Or is this an acceptable recreation outlet?  When is phone sex a compulsion and when is it alternative to explore your desires and fantasies in a safe way?

Do you have questions about your sexuality?

Enjoy cross dressing?

Have fetishes?

Is the idea of giving up control or controlling others move you deeply?

Lady Lina can help you answer these questions
in a nonjudgmental and caring manner.

This is not phone domination or phone sex but a way for you to check in with someone about what you do. Someone to listen and talk to you that truly understands.

Lady Lina is an experienced D/s and SM player with training in counseling and addictive behaviors. A member of many leather and sex positive organizations, she lectures and writes on the topics of BDSM and sexuality. She does individual mentoring and counseling for dominant's, submissives and people new to the scene.

Creative, intelligent, knowledgeable, whether you are experienced or new, here is where you want to turn to for advice, direction, and resource referral. 

  Have questions?  Areas of concern?  Need advice? 
Call Lady Lina today.