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Brazilian Passion

Married Brazilian Hottie Loves to be NAUGHTY!!!!

How about talking to a 37 year old classy and mature Brazilian Woman, who loves the beach, has a very sweet and sexy personality, and a fabulous ASS??? Well, that's who I am... Mind you, I am totally corporate person, but when i have a chance, I'm ready to keep my flirting, kinky, erotic skills alive...

I have been away from NiteFlirt for about 3 years due to very busy work schedules, but for the time being I have a little bit of time to work and play, since certain days I work from home in the mornings... so when that's the case, I get up, make breakfast, kiss the hubby goodbye, and enjoy my own time! I put the coffee to brew, as I start my home workout dvd's... either Turbo Jam or Pilates... they get me warmed up pretty fast, so I start stripping out of my my pj's, and usually end up working out just in my panties and bra! I do have a huge mirror in my family room, so it turns me on to watch myself workout half naked =)I confess sometimes I stip off panties and bra as well!!! Depends how horny I'm feeling that morning... Once I'm done, I drink my coffee, either in my backyard enjoying nature, or if it's chilly, on my couch, reading a book. Once I'm done with that ritual, I shower, and depending on my schedule I get dressed in my corporate attire, others I just slip into something comfortable and work from my home office... But in between all this work, playing erotically is a very welcome break!!!! So keep an eye to see when I'm online, or drop me a line and we can schedule a time to chat!

I am very open minded, I have a GREAT imagination, and I'm ready to talk to you about NEARLY ANYTHING! If you're unsure whether I'd be willing to go along with your fantasy, please write me ****before you call*** so we can both be sure we're right for each other. I'm honest enough to realize that I can't be everything to everyone, so please ask if you have any doubts

Even though I can play dominant roles, and feel pleasure when taking charge, I must advise that humiliation is not my specialty, and when done by me, it is normally very subtle.

I am also known to be a great listener, very caring, and warm hearted, and men find it easy to open up with me about certain personal issues, whether it's relationship, marriage, sexual concerns, anything that's bothering you... I don't judge, and I'm extremely open minded...

Do keep in mind that even though I am a great tease, and open to most kinds of role playing, my style is classy and sensual, as opposed to vulgar. I am not the kind that will answer the phone letting you know I'm wet and ready to fuck, because I'll only get to that point after some erotic chat (or some e-mail exchanges)... so if it is your first time calling, and you're expecting me to pick up the phone and get into the groove in the first few seconds, I might disappoint you...Some guys expect to cum in a 3 minute call, and maybe I should say that is not what I consider an erotic chat... I like to bond first, and then let imagination set free, allow minds, hands and mouth to explore...

Cheap, slutty, vulgar phone sex is easy to find out there, but with me you'll experience a hot talk on a totally different level... much more erotic, in depth, and extremely sensual...I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Appointments are welcome, since I have a funky schedule! Tell me the best time for you to talk and we can get together for a fun, kinky chat :)

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