Phone Sex

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This is My 'procreation explanation' of your existence here on Earth. The very basic reason males were originally put here was what, boy? Think about it for a moment. The original reason was to procreate, correct? (Of course. The Goddess is always right!) Well... what do you have to do to be able to do that, little worm? Hmm? You have to have sex, correct? (Of course. The Goddess is right again.) In order to do that, you HAVE to please a Woman. You have NO other choice. So, you see, even from the very beginning, males were placed here to make Women completely happy. Don't keep Us happy and We don't keep your pathetic little ass! This fact is especially true in a Goddess' case! Now then, seeing as population is no longer a problem... what are you going to do about the control that pitiful little 2 inch weenie has over your entire life and mind??? You are going to give up complete control of it to Me! You are not smart enough to know what to do with it on your own. Jacking that so called 'dick' when he asks you too is NOT improving your contribution to Womankind! You were put here to serve US remember? And seeing as you are no longer needed for sex, well, that puts you in an odd place - left out! Ever thought about how truly useless males have become? Women can go to adult bookstores and purchase bigger, better and more satisfying penises than you shall ever be able to possess. Not to mention the fact that they never go limp, are always done when WE want to be, never talk back, or roll over and go to sleep! Looks like your sexual days are over, boy! Other than that pitiful little weenie, when was the last time you learned something that made you useful to Women? Can you cook? I doubt it. I can eat better food in a cheap restaurant! Can you clean? My cat cleans Her ass better than you wash your own!Can you sew? If you could, you wouldn't have underwear that has holes in them! Can you read? Barely. Why? Because you spend all of your time with one hand in your crotch and the other on the mouse looking for photos to make that peepee spit at you! PATHETIC! So, what possible glimmer of hope does your pitiful little life has? What can you possibly do to overcome banishment of yourself, become useful again, and to HOPE for ME to keep you longer than two seconds after you ever contact ME? You can work and contribute your slave money for the benefit of My favorite person, ME! Women deserve to be completely supported through your every thought, action, and deed!!! From the time When you rise in the morning, until I go to sleep at night... your only thought should be "What can I do for my Mistress today??" Just what is financial slavery and financial servitude? Well what would you unselfishly give up to your Goddess to prove your love, adoration, and respect of Her? I believe that a true slave and servant supports his Goddess in Her work and endeavors. MY pets do this by supporting Me with their income so that I may pursue worrying more about training them and enjoying the ability to be absolutely selective about whom I will allow to serve Me. It allows Me time to put more energy into My site than almost any other Domme on the planet... more time to be able to do phone conversations and chats with them. Why would I waste any time on a male who doesn't support and tribute his Goddess? For free jerking off material? I think not boy. This is SERVITUDE. This is SLAVERY. And you... have entered the door to your last days as a free man. What could you possibly do with your income that I couldn't do better boy? Fortunately, in this day and age, We are lucky enough to live in a world where beautiful material things surround Us and you want your Goddess to have ALL that Her heart desires. Why shouldn't I? I can tease you and torment you, and bring you to your knees begging to give up your paltry dollars for My greater Goddess good. And you? Well you'll just have to keep working harder for Me, won't you boy? Your sole purpose to as My worker ant that lives to support it's Queen! I will empty you of what income you have... drain you of it... take it from you and make you feel like My cheap whore for not having more! You shall suffer to pay homage to Me, owing every cent you make to Me. It's about time that you learn the truth and you shall learn to love it! For all of your miserable life you have searched for me. At last your only justification of existence has become apparent. To serve me. Your goddess. Your purpose and only joy. Your destiny is to be my slave. What better way to show me your devotion than to give me all you have? After all, there is no amount that can ease your pain. No price for your peace of mind. Do you think that you could possibly find a better, more sensual Goddess than I?