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Who am I? I am a 32 year old female. I have a strong and independent personality and hence tend to be quite dominant in relationships. I live in the Central Valley of CA, USA and do not plan to relocate. I am 4’11”, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, great smile, and a bbw. Why am I writing this? I am looking for a special kind of partner to share my life with. Some would say that I am looking for a "slave". I am not looking for a mindless robot that needs someone to make all his decisions for him. What is my relationship style? My style can be best described as a nurturing one. I derive great joy watching the sub learn and grow and feel that I have a lot to offer as a teacher and role model. I am not particularly sadistic and certainly not mean. I will not under any circumstances set out to destroy a sub, a broken spirit leaves you with nothing left to give, BUT I am serious, strict and expect the sub to follow my instructions. Decisions having long term implications will be discussed. I am non-monogamous and dedicated to my partners. I try to be continuously in touch with my partner's feelings. Be prepared for assignments to help shape your future. What is my health? In general, good. I do not smoke, drink nor use drugs. What is my politics? My politics is best described as small "l" liberal. I try to avoid taking any kind of extreme position in anything. What are my views on communication? Communication or lack of it seems to be the biggest thing that makes relationships work or fail. The fact that a person is a sub does not mean that he has to quietly accept things that really bother him. This is as true of Dom/sub relationships as any other. It seems that free and open communication is often more difficult to attain in Dom/sub relationships than in others because the sub is frequently reluctant to express his feelings for fear that doing so will be viewed as an attempt at taking control. Equally, many Domme's are reluctant to express their true feelings; especially in areas were they may be vulnerable, for fear of being seen as weak. These concerns must be set aside if the relationship is to work. What is my kink style? I enjoy the company of all genders and orientations. I have a strong preference for both bi and gay men. The best I can describe it is that they have an added vulnerability. Which means they need a gentler, softer hand to guide them. Again, my goal is not to break any sub, but to build him/her. If you are straight and you enter into a relationship with me, be prepared that at some point you may be asked to take some small steps on to the other side. What are the possibilities of play but without a committed relationship? Unlikely. I am not going to guarantee a sub/slave that they will receive anything from me beyond the pleasure of knowing they pleased me. Regardless of how small the task might be. The more you please me, the greater the rewards may become. Positions I will consider Ideally, I am seeking two bi-male slaves to form a poly triad where both males submit to me. Duties I might consider include: Boy Friday, House boy (not a sissy maid), chauffeur, cook, yard boy, gay/bi boys (for my entertainment), pleasure slave, escort/companion, financial slave, personal slave, pain slut, research slave, web slave, dog boy, pony boy, bodyguard, etc. case I do not engage in water sports, breath control, scat, enemas, hoods, fear factor type trials, mummification, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, public exposure, body mutilation, body modification, needle play, play piercing, dead people, amputation, castration, branding, blood, fire, animals, figging, rape, felching, guns, knife play, injections, infusions, catheterization, sounds, forced femme, kidnapping, suspension, drowning, seaman on food, sewing openings closed, lactation, spitting, vomit paly, photographing, video taping, blood letting, ab/ad play, fisting, trampling, ball crushing, fire play, scarring, bone scraping, bone breaking, organ removal, extreme violence, electrical play, cannibalism, hanging, children or anything that I generally consider to be dangerous and or immoral.