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Sweet Skye 23

A Real Girl Next Door - What would you do with me?

Some Girls like it Hot.  Some girls like it Hard.  Some girls like it Wet.

I just like it.  Pretty much any way I can get it.  Don't you?

Besides, I'm not really old enough to know any better yet.  I like being young and free and able to explore my desires.  I have a lot of them.  I'm pretty much your all around girl.  23, fun loving, free spirited and willing to talk about almost anything.  Most of all I like to think I am a good listener and very creative when it comes to talking about my fantasies.  I haven't gotten to experience all of them yet, so my imagination is very vivid.  I have sex on the brain all of the time.  Even when I'm not supposed to, it can be tough to think straight when all I have on my mind is what we talked about last night, or better yet what we did last night.  I'm so into this right now, hearing you, and learning all about what you want from a girl like me.  I am too shy to talk to men like this in person.  Won't you help me confess my deepest desires so I can finally act them out?

What do you want?  Got any confessions or desires of your own?  It is very exciting for me to get to hear them.  Especially that last explosive moment when my sweet voice drives you over the edge and you are about to cum all over me.  I secretly crave that moment.  It is so intimate hearing you when you get off with me.

I know I am not a model or anything, but I am proud of my body.  I am active and I like taking care of myself.  I tend to be a natural girl, no implants and not a ton of make up or goo on my face unless it is you put it there.  I love to dance, go out to eat, movies.  Normal girl stuff.  Sports and travel are great.  Most of all though I am looking for an open minded man to explore with, to have satisfying sexual experiences with.  Each time I try to cum harder than ever before and so far it is working.  I love getting to know my body!

Do you want to get to know my body?  Come on sexy, get with it!  I can't hold this apple here all day can I?  Aren't you the least little bit tempted?  Take a bite and let my sweet juices run down your chin.  Feel how ripe I am for the plucking.  Pick me now, please...