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My First Time

Professor Fantasy is SO HOT for Me!

I've never had sex. I'm saving myself for marriage. I don't have any naked photographs because I am not a model, or fantasy girl.

I have never had an orgasm!

I don't feel like saving my body for true love precludes me from touching it, or learning how it works. I love knowing I am pretty and that men like me. I am just a little shy and I don't have much experience with boys. I didn't even go to prom because decent girls don't stay out all night drinking, apparently. I have never been drunk, never been at a boys house all night, never done much of anything.  Except masturbation. I masturbate all of the freaking time.

It feels good, I love it. But I still haven't had an orgasm. All of my girlfriends have. They give me pointers and laugh at me when I am frustrated. I don't know if I'm not doing it right, or I can't relax, or maybe my little thing just doesn't work!? I think it is because I don't really know what I am doing alone, and that so much of me being turned on has to do with men. I really like thinking about a man telling me what to do, teaching me how to have sex. I want to be a good lover for the man I decide to give myself to. I don't want to seem like a complete idiot in bed! I want to mess around with college boys with at least a little bit of confidence! I don't want to have sex but I don't think there is anything wrong with experimenting. I want to learn how to give head, and how to touch a man how he likes it. I want to know what men want and it sucks because right now I have no idea! You can help me, see? It's like a charity project for a poor artistic college bound orgasm starved young lady!

Next semester I am headed off for the Art School. But during my down time I'll be ready and available to learn.  I'm here while I play a little naughty and prepare for school while looking for the elusive big "O."