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Saras Playroom

Mind Bending HYPNOSIS Live plus mp3s PTVs

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  • Live Hypnosis

  • I will take you on a scintillating journey deep into your own mind. There is no doubt I will be in your dreams and delirium, shimmering like an oasis in the desert of a parallel reality. Experience persuasive triggers and suggestions, repeat mantras or affirmations while you are under my spell. After each session, you will crave the liquefying bliss of what is yet to come. Feel compelled to call me to explore hypno fetishes, fantasies or fates or what-have-you in mind?

  • Bliss out in Trance
  • Float in Subspace
  • Sissy Hypnosis
  • Blacknotherapy Black Cock Addiction
  • Fagnosis - turn you into a Fag
  • Hypno Orgasm
  • Transformation
  • Intensify your Fetish
  • Pyramidal Deep Hypnosis (sequential inductions)
  • Financial Domination Hypnosis
  • Raise the Rate - RTR
  • Triggers and post-hypnotic Suggestions
  • Cock Control, Chastity, Cum on Command
  • Fractionation (bringing you in and out of trance over and over)
  • Fall in Love with Me
  • Brainwashing and Mind Control
  • Mind Fucking
  • False Memories
  • Reprogramming
  • Blackmail Interrogation
  • Become a Mindless Hypno Zombie
  • Edging and Gooning
  • Intox | Poppers
  • Relaxation
  • Mind Erase (erase previous triggers)
  • ASMR Whispering

To allow sufficient time for an erotic hypnosis, brainwashing or mind fuck session, have at least 20 - 25 minutes in your account. Add 5 minutes more if you need a long induction. When you call, be prepared to discuss what you seek or send an inquiry in advance. Note: If you send an inquiry re: your hypno session, it must be accompanied by a Tribute for me to take the time to read and respond.

If I'm not available live, buy one of my Hypno mp3s or Hypno GIFs!
Mind Fucked to Obey
Becum a Fagbot
Gay Brainwashing
Big Black Cock Hypno

Here's how to CHAT with me. CLICK on the Chat icon to send me a Chat message! Note: I do not Chat if I'm busy on a call. If you can only connect for Hypnosis via Chat, a Tribute is required. Let's Chat!

Erotic Hypnosis can also be utilized in Cuckolding • Sissification • Humiliation • Findom • Mistress / Slave • Femdom • Therapy • Strapon play