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You are here because you cannot help yourself. My beauty and my gorgeous body forces men to do the strangest things. It is only natural that you have found yourself transfixed. Let’s face reality: you are My puppet. As you read these words and think of the Goddess behind them, your heart beats faster and your breathing becomes shallower. You WANT to give to Me. You WANT to be Mine. You WANT to serve and be humiliated. You WANT to please Me and hear My laughter taunting you, teasing you; spurning you on and on and on...

As my power comes through the photographs you feel the urge to express your love & devotion to me in the form of a TRIBUTE. The need to worship me is too much to bear. Your heart pounds & your hands quiver as you move your cursor over the word TRIBUTE and click your mouse. I have the ability to ruin you, to bleed you dry. I know your fear of exposure and ruin excites you. Will I act on your fear? Keep Me happy & maybe I won't ruin you.

For all you scaredy cats who are afraid to call me LISTEN to my voice...HERE !

Piggie Pics

I want your pics. I want to show the world your teenie little finger dicks. I want to show the world your naughty panty wearing ass. I am going to show everyone your perverted, stupid mug and the world is going to LAUGH.

Email your pics to ME. Make sure you shrink them down ( like your pecker! ) I don't want anything larger than 300 x 400 pixels. Get it? Don't waste my time with a gigantic fucking jpeg of your ugly dick. Its the last thing I want cluttering up my site. I will post small pics, just to humiliate you and entertain ME. GET IT?

Don't ask me for special photos. If I think you are worthy of anything (and that's not very likely), I will let you know. I post MY Goddess pictures when I want, and it's none of your fucking business. GET IT?

Slave Report

I must report that many FAKE and WANNABE slaves have contacted ME, mostly for the pure self-centered pleasure of WASTING MY TIME. I must remind those who are reading MY site that I am NOT interested in hearing from the weaklings who cannot support, or meet MY DEMANDS. Do not contact ME unless you are able to follow through with the TRIBUTES I demand.

I am pleased to inform you that I have received a lovely PRADA HANDBAG from slave joey. slave joey has dutifully started paying his male tax, and he shall be honored for the rest of his days! slave joey is now preparing for a NEW YORK CITY Shopping trip, and will need plenty of Gold Visa cards to carry him through the day.



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