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Mistress Shala

Black Fem Dom: Whipping that submissive itch

So many Dungeons to crawl into and you decide to crawl and kneel before me! From now on I am your sun and your moon, I am your Goddess, your Mistress, Your keeper and your Owner. There is no longer a “you”, you are now a mere extension of my desires and wants! You Purpose is to serve me with everything you have within you. My happiness is your happiness. Do you understand boy! Look around you boy, what do you see dildos, whips of all sizes, implements of torture --- ball stretchers, rattan canes, violet wands, thumb tacks, ropes, restraints all toys I am very familiar with and ready to use on you. TO make your time with me, easier on you I have posted the rules of my dungeon on the wall, read them, memorize them and live by them. 1. I am Master/Queen here! - - - My way is the only way! 2. Anything I want you get it - - If you can't handle my demands then leave and don’t call back! 3. Before calling make sure you have cleansed yourself properly! 4. If you are single or if you are married and can get away with it, I expect you to have your pubic hair shaved off. Or very trimmed depending on your circumstances. 5. After your cleaning remain naked, have the following items placed by the phone a. A Ruler – paddle or whip b. A bowl of ice c. Dildo – carrots or cucumber d. Shoestrings with 16 Oz bottle of soda, a quarter full. e. Washable marker. And a Permanent Marker 6. When you have collected these things then kneel on the floor by the phone. Now you may call me. 7. When you call address me as Owner, give me your name slave______ and that you are ready for use. After than remain quiet. I am a Black Dominatrix who loves to use both slaves and submissive of both genders for my pleasures. What you want is irrelevant and it is only though giving me what I want, will you feel fulfilled. While in my care I will subject you to my power, I will introduce you to pain and debasement. I will also provide you with your greatest pleasure, bring you to new heights and limits. In the end you will know that you belong to me and only me. Tormenting you will bring about my pleasure, isn’t your pain worth it, when you privileged enough to see me orgasm and scream with the pleasure of it? To see me throw back my head as the pleasure rides me causing the sweat to pour down my body? You are my inferior; your place in life is at my feet or under the heel of my spiked boots. The cries of my slave lull me to sleep at night, giving me sweet dreams just as the wind chimes hanging on the back porch of your grandmother’s house does for her. Miss Shala is willing to take on new slaves, currently I am willing to take on both phone and e-mail slaves. Soon there will be recorded training methods available with an e-mail component. If your serious and believe you can live up to the above then, stop on by and experience an Miss Shala Night.