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Lady Lina

Do you wish to be a better dom?

Do you wish to understand submissive women? There is so much to learn in this lifestyle why not get some advice from someone who knows from both sides.

Lady Lina, is an experienced D/s and SM domina who started as a submissive and bottom. An active member of many leather and sex positive organizations, she lectures and writes on the topics of BDSM and sexuality. She does individual mentoring and counseling for dominant's, submissives and people new to the scene.

Creative, intelligent, knowledgeable,  whether you are experienced or new, here is where you want to turn to for advice, direction, and resource referral.

This is NOT phone sex or online domination but real conversation about the BDSM lifestyle.

If you are looking to get advice and help from someone knowledgable, give Lady Lina a call today.

Areas of Expertise

The care and feeding of submissives
    D/s is about tapping into that deep well of mental and emotional surrender, understanding the emotional make up is part of the dominant's responsibility. SM or sensation/physical and sex play taps into in part,  but true D/s is about the surrender of one to another, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Consensual Slavery
    What is it? how does it differ from submission. Anyone can tie someone up and whip their ass, but to allow someone else to own you, that is something different, very powerful, very deep. Are you ready for that level of responsibility?

Meeting People
    Advice on dating, negotiation, safety, meeting, personal ads.

Polyamory and Relationships
    D/s or BDSM relationships have special issues around and needs, they often involve more than one partner.  Polyamory is. loving more than one person,  it is different from swinging or cheating. To be responsibly non monogamous,  it takes a commitment to communication.

Distance D/s

    Online and phone relationships can be very real and powerful, learn how to get the most from yours.
SM Toys and Techniques
    How to use intense sensation play to push the pain-pleasure envelope. Ideas, advice on toys, using pervertables (items usually found in the kitchen or hardware store that can be made into toys).

 Have question?  areas of concern?  need advice? 
Call Lady Lina today.

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