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Cruel Mistress will humiliate you

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Sadistic Beauty


Welcome to My Realm, where I am Queen-to be worshipped and obeyed at all times.


If you don't want a bitchy, beautiful woman to humiliate you, then it's time for you to click that little X.  If you ARE looking for Me, put that pathetic piece of flesh back in your pants, and keep reading.


There are a few things you should know about Me before we even begin:

1.  I am mean, evil, and cruel.  I get what I want, and I only want two things from you-your money, and your humiliation.  I will use you and degrade you as I see fit.  you are NOT in charge here.  If you don't like that, don't bother calling.


2.  I am beautiful.  This means I deserve to be pampered and spoiled.  Beautiful women get exactly what they want in life if they learn how to use their natural abilities.  I learned from a young age how to manipulate men, to make them My little toys.


3.  I am intelligent.  This means you won't be trying to waste My time or pull the wool over My eyes.  No calling trying to get Me to switch, or bothering to prove how much of a man you are.  As a man, you are measured by your balls and you wallet, both of which I will hold in My hands very soon.


I am interested only in subbies who understand that they will be humiliated in My presence.  They will do what I tell them to do, whether that involves wearing panties and going out to check the mail, or finding some useful household implement to fuck themselves in the ass with, or torturing that pathetic cock, or just listening while I laugh at him for his weakness.  The subbies who call Me will orgasm ONLY when I allow it.  Remember who's calling the shots here.

I believe in Female Supremacy.  Live with it!



This is My CELL PHONE listing.  If you want to do a call when I'm out and about, or enjoying My evening, or overnight, you are going to pay for it!  My other listings can be found by clicking My name at the top of the page.

There are some things you should know before you call-

1.  I very rarely have a digital signal.  This means  the sound quality will not be the best.  That's what happens when you live in the mountains.  If I am home, I will let you call back on My other listing.  Know that if I give you this option, and you take it, you run the risk of being queued and having to wait if someone has requested a call back, or if someone calls before you call back.


2.  I may be asleep.  you will have to accept that there's going to be a few minutes while I wake up and get focused.  Deal with it.


3.  I may be in a public place or somewhere that I cannot actually say the things you want Me to say.  Give Me a few minutes to either go into another room, or go outside.  If you need to be humiliated so badly that you cannot wait for Me to be available on My other listing, you'll have to accept that this may happen.


If you want more information, send a Keen mail.

If you're viewing this listing and I'm not available to take calls, check My other listing, as it rings to My home phone.