Phone Sex

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Look, let's cut the shit. You've ALWAYS dreamed of getting yer hands on a tough ass, TOTAL PUSSY HOUND REDNECK COUNTRY BOY like ME so get on yer fuckin knees and service this ALPHA DAWG MOTHERFUCKER the way I deserve RIGHT FUCKIN NOW!!!

The name's MACKLIN and I'm a junior at KY (GO WILDCATS!!!) pursuing my MSE. I’m a proud Beta Sigma brother and I do all the usual redneck boy shit you’d expect like sports, (football, wrestling and baseball) DRINKIN, hunting, fishing, mudding and general hell raisin and bad assery. (And ALWAYS with a big ole pinch a COPENHAGEN STRAIGHT in which makes EVERYTHING better!) The rest of my time is spent out on the wolf hunt for fine pussy with my frat bros and the bitches come way too EASY. Fuckin the shit outta some sorority slut every chance you get is how we earn our respect and status in the house and let’s just say I got me PLENTY of respect!!!

I'm an aggressive, nasty, motherfucker when I get horny and I totally get off knowing that you all u lil fuckin queers are out there wanting to getcha summa this down home shit right here.

I always git what I want WHEN I want it and right now what I want is to see your faggit ass on yer knees in front of me just BEGGING like an ole coon hound to let you put yer hands on this bad ass country boy.

Listen up homo, you ain't gettin no better invitation than that so I'd pick up the phone if I was you...

(P.S. When I get the fuck outta this school and finally make it to the city to raise me some hell, oh MAN are all you faggit ass motherfuckers in TROUBLE... One more year!!!


MY LITTLE BROTHER COREY IS A FUKKIN BEAST TOO!! You wanna talk to the BOTH of us? We can set it up! Here's his pic!