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I am Kelsie. You can call me Princess since I am pampered and served by pathetic easily controlled wimps with open wallets. This is not a business or service. This is my life- style; and way of living. (In the lap of luxury of course.) I am a different kind of Princess. I do and will actually care about my Slave-Pets to a certain extent. Just as long as it doesn't interfere with my control or power. I am spoiled and demanding; but I am also grateful for the gifts that I am graced with. Do not confuse that with respect!! I have NO RESPECT for any of my Slave-Pets. My Slave-Pets are and must be single. I don't share! I must be their one and only. Once being accepted to adore and pamper me; my Slave-Pets are re-named and leashed to sit at my pretty little feet until called upon. My picture is for inspiration. Not to whack your slimy little penises too. Those who disgrace me in such a manner are to immediately come and confess their foolish actions and offer sincere cash apologies. Although I'm not into extreme domination; I do derive pleasure from some mild domination and humiliation. Little tests to prove your faithfulness and devotion. Trust me I am very creative when it comes to these. When the mood strikes me... I like to call my little Slave-Pets in person and either give them their challenge, tease them a little, or verbally punish them for fucking something up. Sometimes I even give rewards to those who are deserving. Want to get my attention?? Send me cash, buy me a present, or call and chat with me then maybe I'll acknowledge you exist. Otherwise move along. Oh and yes.... there are sometimes I get fucked good and hard by my boyfriend... who is a real man. You may schedule time to call and listen to us live. Maybe even participate during the call.