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Sensual Sadist

If you cum on my shoes you will lick it off.

The Sensual Sadist - The Beating Beauty - Mistress Amelia Marx - Deviant Gothic Goddess - Hypnotic Bewitching Diva

Mistress Amelia Marx lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. Loves the classic term Dominatrix and the image it brings to mind. Bettie Page, high glamour, elbow length gloves, and long silver cigarette holders. I remember seeing those women in magazines and wanting to be one. Now when I page through glossy publications, and it is my own face gracing the pages, I am satisfied that my journey into an iconic deviant lifestyle is well on its way. What is it about those women that hold such power over the men and women who worship them. An aura that ordinary people cannot even touch, eyes that spark with such vivid intelligence, in touch with the deepest darkest parts of humanity. A woman who embraces the dark parts of sex and fetish.

A mere hint of the fantasies you crave makes you fiend like a dog, a pile of rocks would be satisfying at the time. Besides, you wouldn't know a real fantasy if it kicked you in the balls. You're so used to stock pornography and canned answers. That's how I know you'll be mine. One taste of where you can really go, what we can really do, and the things you and I will talk about... One kiss with my velvet voice and quick imagination and you will suddenly be clued into why the telephone is a sex toy. Why the telephone is one of the best sex toys you will ever encounter. You'll be mine for a long time. Mine to corrupt at will.

Keep in mind, my kind of sex has nothing to do with your female objectifying porn, just so you can get off fantasies. My kind of sex is where it is you who is objectified by my fantasies, you who submits to my wishes for complete control of everything around me. I am an experienced sadist, passionate about bondage. Working in the adult industry for years, I have never found any sexual fantasy too taboo, or frightening. I find most of them erotic. That's why you see a Dominatrix anyway, isn't it?

I have personal affinities for humiliation, lessons in discipline, predicament bondage and sensual sadism. Inescapable restraint excites me, and I am more than proficient with rope. I deny orgasm and torture my slaves to the edge, over and over. I am a greedy bitch who likes to not only use you but to own you. Financial Service is an understatement. I am into edge play. CBT, emasculation, objectification, castration, face slapping, spitting, asphyxiation, hypnosis, total power exchange, and pretty much any other Fetish you can fuck someone with. I make purity tests blush a Master of human sexuality.

Feel free to have a look at when my NiteFlirt was first created, then search me on the internet. You might be surprised what you find. I'm no fake teen-ager with a whip and I am the bitch who started nearly every trend you see girls repeating today. One of the very first women to take real life Domination to the internet, my methods became the standard for many popular fetishes, some of which have taken on cult status like Financial Domination and moneyslavery. The original Princess was never a blonde barbie using smut pics and the standard things to say. I told them what to say and they're still saying it.

I can be found all over the internet and in various BDSM magazines and publications as a model, writer, and educator. You can also find me at Beating Beauty my dark castle on the web that I have just made active once more. Soon slaves, soon.