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Small penis feminization for sissy boys

Emasculated cuckold? Compulsive submissive jerk-off addict? Bottom Bitch? Ass worshipping wimp? Sissy boy? Robotic slave? Dork in need of a powerful woman who bends you over, slaps your ass, and fucks you with a big black strap-on? Little dick, small penis, tiny cock, wimpy clit girl? What type of loser, wimp, wanker, sissy, or panty wearing submissive bitch are you? Tell Mistress so that I can prescribe the proper treatment.

I've worked with thousands of submissives, sissies, and psychologically castrated tiny penis losers using advanced techniques of domination, sissification, feminization, servitude, private and public humiliation, forced cocksucking, cuckholding, and emasculation, to name just a few, and I will use my expertise to take you where you need to go. There are all kinds of domination, ranging from soft sensual loving control to canings and spanking that make men cry like little girls. I never read from a script when I take control:

I briefly interview to discover what your psychological and emotional profile is all about, and then I lead you in the direction where you need to go, and where you are in fact already heading. A Mistress is a guide into the deeper self, and she will take you places that you are meant to travel to but that you may initially fear, be confused by, or lack the necessary courage or understanding to explore properly.

My role is to forcefully yet sensually lead you onward so that your fantasies become realities. If you are ready to become the bitch, slave, sissy, maid, or foot stool of a powerful woman who in no time at all will know you better than you know yourself, then get into position (on your knees and elbows, with your legs spread wide open and your sissy ass wiggling up in the air) and call me. Let go of the illusion that you ever were a "man" and hand it over to me so that I can show you your proper submissive, yielding, and emasculated role.

MILF fantasies are also welcomed (did you ever dream of being transformed by that older, more powerful woman-next-door or by that sensual, obviously dominant neighbor down the block who used to smile seductively to you on your way to school?), as are the exploration of any type of role play that highlights the emasculation, belittlement, and embarassment of a docile, passive boy (-ish "man") by an authoritative, powerful, take charge, woman in control.