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tiny cock shame GoddessPsyche


"She gets into your head
and into your panties."

I am a Sensual Domme and I will lead you calmly and firmly by your psychological collar into the humiliating realm of the sissified, feminized, slutty little bitch.

What type of sissy are you? A little dick sissy who dreams of having her own juicy little clit tucked snugly away in her silky, pink lace panties? A psychologically emasculated male who discovered his sister's lavender thong and just couldn't resist wearing it? A submissive wanker who feels humiliated, shamed, sissified, feminized, and unmanned when Mistress commands you to surrender all illusions of ever being an Alpha Male and to instead put on your Beta Boy lipstick and make-up and to fall to your pantyhosed knees and suck Mistress's big, black strap-on? Remember: Alpha Males are out and about fucking those sexually demanding Alpha Women, while little dicked wanker Beta Boys like you are home alone in your panties with nothing better to do than to pay Mistress to tell you honestly and frankly how sissified, pathetic, and cute you look humping your little clit against that pillow while we push that big, fat dildo deeper and deeper down your throat and up into your pussy ass.

Whatever your excuse for dressing up, it all boils down to one thing: You are not a real man. The moment that a make-believe male dons a pair of cute little panties, he is psychologically and emotionally unmanned. He can never again gaze into the mirror and imagine that what he sees is at all male. Once a sissy boy surrenders to that overwhelming urge to be feminized and slips on his panties, pantyhose, garter belt, high heels, blouse, bra, lipstick, make-up, or wig, whatever illusion of manhood that he carried with him is now vanquished, and he becomes a submissive she. When you first slipped those panties on, your maleness was eclipsed forever. What you lost was an illusion (i.e., that you ever were a man) but what you now gain is reality: This is what you always were and always will be: a sissy girl, a submissive sweetie.

So, slip on those cute pink or lavender panties, call Mistress, and tell me what degree of sissification and feminization you need to next explore. Feminization? Dildo training? Strap-on sissification? Forced cocksucking? Nipple suction cups? Being turned into a girl at the snap of my fingers and dressing you in a cute pleated white miniskirt and walking you up and down the street so that all the guys and girls can admire your sweet, alluring erotic power? How cute your apple-butt looks, all swollen and firm in that tight little bouncing skirt! Perhaps a visit to Victoria's Secret, where I know some of the salesgirls, and when I introduce you as "Nancy" they'll smile because then they'll know what you are: Mistress's sissy submissive who needs to be fitted in the special backroom for a skirt, garters, bra, and blouse! The salesgirls will walk round you as you stand there is your skirt and they'll try their best to wink and make you blush! But don't worry, they've seen this all before ~~~ there are so many of you little cuties out there! After all, being a man is something that must be earned ~ it's not a given. Some are just are not cut out for it. Instead of cutting the emotional umbilical cord, they've been reattached by a leash and collar to a powerful and demanding Mistress. Mistress will quickly slip in to your psyche - and slip into your panties - and make the proper fittings.

If you have a web cam I can also watch and role-play with you while we speak.