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Amazing Alexandra

I Will Show you Just Who's In Control - ME!

Are you a:

- Sissy boy?

- A puppy dog?

- Maybe a little of both?

Do you need someone to take you in hand?

Or is your cock just hard?

Something tells Me you need to be possessed, a pet perhaps. Let Me show you the joys of being naked, exposed, kneeling at My feet. Pleasure Me and you will understand true purpose. Worship Me as you should.

Whatever you may be - my little lump of clay - CALL ME NOW - so I can mold you in the image of my choice.

Don't make me wait. Nothing makes me angrier than waiting, so call now while I am still interested enough to talk to you.

If you didn't already know, I am a professional writer as well as a Mistress. I decided to write a few stories for my friends here. I hope you enjoy. I will add more as I write them. The first one is about a man named Chris and how he becomes Christy and his relationship with his new Mistress. In part one, his journey goes from their first meeting to his first strap-on experience.

$5.95 Story - The Adventures of Chris / Christy

$25 BDMS Slave Contract

$25 Sissy Slut Contract

$25 Sissy Contract

$10 Buy Me A Martini

$20 Buy Me A Pair Of Panties

$30 Buy Me A Pedicure

$50 Buy Me A Bra And Pantie Set

$75 Buy Me A New Pair Of Shoes

$100 Help Pay For My Trip to the Beach