Phone Sex

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Domina Lady Arabella


USE CALL BACK to arrange a call with Me.
I frequently check My email.

I’m happiest when I’m taking control of a male weakling
like you and I’m more than capable of doing it!
Yes, you little man. I know all about your need
to be owned, controlled and used by a Dominant Woman.
I’ll make you My personal puppet and when I pull
your strings you will jump to attention as I manipulate you as I please.

I’m also well aware that you have quite a bit
to be ashamed about, don’t you? Those naughty thoughts
that constantly parade through your head; those lusts and cravings
that you assumed were secret, but they are not secrets
to Me! I can see inside that
little pea brain of yours.

And just what are you thinking about?

So, you want RELEASE? Now that is a laugh!
Do you suppose I’d ever care about that except to delight
in and gloat upon your frustration? I’ll lock
that pathetic cock of yours away so you’ll never
be able to touch it again -- maybe
I’ll teach it a painful lesson before locking it away forever!

Thinking about how much you crave My beautiful FEET and
LEGS? It's not a craving but an unquenchable need
of yours to be below Me worshiping them. And when you’re down
there glance up at My beautiful breasts; the breasts
that you will only be able to see but never touch.

And what about those desires to be FEMINIZED and forced to take a
big throbbing COCK? How many ways could I amuse Myself
tarting you up and watching you gag as I fuck your face or squirm as I ream your ass?

Oh, and I know about those SEXUAL FANTASIES you have about
Me and other women. Do you really think a wimp like you could ever
satisfy Me or any woman, for that matter?
I’ll make you watch as my truly masculine, virile lover satisfies
Me over and over and then force you to lick
our love juices off the crotch of My worn panties.
That’s as close as you’ll ever get to My PUSSY as My EMASCULATED CUCKOLD.

This is just a small sample of what I’ve excavated from
your sorry little brain. NOW get over to the phone
and CALL ME! Listen to My LAUGHTER as I MOCK you!
See how My DISTAIN for you drives your ADDICTION for Me further!

(Note: Lady Arabella supports safe, sane play between consenting adults. For entertainment purposes only.)