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Mistress Littlestar

Warden Star will be your Judge, Jury and Confessor

As the Warden, it is my duty to ensure the safety of all prisoners even contemptible losers like you. While you are handcuffed, you will be forced to submit to a full (and very humiliating) body cavity search. Bending over and spreading your little pig-boy butt cheeks will reveal any nasty contraband that you think you can smuggle into MY jail.

If I know you, and I do... You're nothing but a worthless piece of shit who thinks that YOU can get something past me. Think again loser!

I am THE WARDEN and I am the one in charge.

YOU are nothing but a pathetic masturbator who can't keep your hands on the outside of your pants! Always looking at disgusting pictures of... Gambling online... putting yourself at risk... Don't you think its time you confessed your dirty little secrets? You know you NEED to pay for your perverted crimes. 

Your humiliation will begin when you are escorted into court wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and flip flops. Your arms held by your side via the stainless steel handcuffs and belly chain... a heavy duty Master padlock assures the public that you cannot reach out and touch some one... anyone... and the close-fitting ankle cuffs guarantee your inability to escape. Your humiliation is nearly complete. 


No matter your crime... its TIME to be punished... Call Warden Littlestar NOW at 1-800-863-5478


I Will interrogate you... I will use any means possible to get the truth out of you!  Tickle torment... fire whipping... humiliation... I WILL break you!  You WILL confess...I promise. 

Standing in front of HER Honor, your face begins to redden as the female bailiff reads the charges against you.

The Judge looks down at you and asks "How do you plead?"

"Gggguilty" you stammer. The judge looks down at you from her perch high above you and says "The only thing that remains is to determine the proper punishment for you"... 


I know how I would treat shoplifters, porn wankers and men who have no respect for women. Which one are you?

Do you think you deserve leniency? For those of you who can't spell that means... should I give you a break?