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These boots are made for walkin............

“Once you enter the realm of blackmail captivity, there's no turning back.” Do those words send a chill down your spine? Perfect! Then you’re READY for the online blackmail captivity experience. It’s like no other. It brings the on-line experience immediately from fantasy play into a real experience.

Why not take leave the on-line experience and go for real sessions with a professional Domme in your city? Because you’re married, and you know your wife would consider that adultery. So you need to stay in the world of online. But, you need to spice up that online, don’t you? It was getting repetitious, and now it’s getting downright boring. So, the perfect answer is something that sends chills up your spine, causes you to feel so alive, and that’s online blackmail. This will be better than riding through the house of horrors at the amusement park because, unlike the amusement park ride, this is real. There is no getting out of the little car at the end of the 3 minute ride! No, sir. You’ll be locked down in the little car, and your ride will last for quite a while! All the time during your little ride, you will wonder if the house of cards that your life is built of will crash --- will you mess up with a late payment or two, will you miss a required phone call or two, and your wife will get the voice mail, or get a strange email !! The erotic sensation will be immense!

Think about it. This is the ultimate place in the online experience. No other place is going to cause such a deep erotic experience for you. Your body will tremble at just one word of warning from your Mistress. “You’re late, dear. What are you going to do about it, dear?” Those words will cause sweat all over your body. You will try to keep a steady voice as you answer, but your words will tremble, revealing that you know how desperate your situation is! Your Mistress will laugh at how you can’t control your voice, how your voice reveals everything. And then you will hear Her discuss the amount of your fine, and you will melt uncontrollably.

In the very first call, I will take more than enough information to lock your into captivity. And then as we progress from call to call, I will learn more about your finances, and you will feel your blackmail body harness being adjusted, until it fits you perfectly. The total amount each month will not be such a strain that you can’t hide it from your wife when you do the family accounting. But it will not be so little that you feel you are on “easy street”! It will be enough to cause you to squirm, knowing that if your wife DOES get an email telling how much you have been spending month-to-month that you will be in very hot water.

Of course, there is no reason for your wife to EVER get such an email, now is there? You are going to behave and do as you are told. You are going to be a good boy for me, obeying the rules I set down, and responding to the commands that I give you. We both know that you don’t really want to get into trouble with your wife!!

Come on in. Settle down into the little car at the house of horrors. Feel me snap the seat belt buckle into place. Then you notice it is has no release button. Opps, it’s LOCKED into place! You crossed a line into blackmail captivity, dear. And sorry, there is no safe word, other than, “Mistress, how much would it cost to be released?” Hmmmm, what a negotiation THAT would be !!! Husbands are SO much fun to blackmail --- they have SO MUCH at stake !! Call me and become more agitated and aroused as you feel yourself sink into the captivity..

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