Phone Sex

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Be My Pet

I'm a real bitch and you're nothing to me.

Be my phonesex pet. The dirtiest, naughtiest on-line phone fuck. Yum. you'll be my flesh toy.

I want what I want. I am a fucking bitch. I don't have a lot of patience for stupidity or shyness. When I ask you what kind of fuck up you are, you better tell me all about it. I don't want to coax it out of you, I'm not your fucking shrink. When I ask you a question, you fucking answer it, I don't want that pat "Yes Mistress, whatever you want Mistress," shit. I don't even want to be called Mistress. I am Miss Stacey, or Princess Stacey and you are fuck up, asshole, dog turd, peice of shit, bitch , cunt or meat hole. I don't have time for you to get your feelings hurt. If you get your feelings hurt, then you don't get it and thank you for NOT playing our game.

you don't ever hang up on me. If I ever let you cum, you do what you're supposed to and thank me profusely for it. you do what you're supposed to and give, Give, GIVE to ME.

I am willing to talk about many things, but I don't know what you're even good for if you never tell me.

Who's been living the independent sweet life?? I've been travelling around, partying, fucking, stripping, doing some movies, tons of modeling shoots, group sex, domination,hurting slaves, exploring my fetishes, more fucking, trying out girls, making tons of money, getting a lot of gifts, fucking with peoples heads for fun (AND THEY LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT) and having the life I always knew that I wanted. Being pretty really can get you a lot of stuff. And being slutty can get you a lot of awesome sex. :) Quick list of likes: I love foot rubs, getting my butt kissed, getting lots of attention, talking DIRTY, getting a little rough sometimes, all different positions, fucking at the club, oral, anal, sensuous massage, getting presents, naughty paid mails, COCK, PUSSY, orgasms... just to name a few. I have the pictures to prove it ;o) !!